How to download a image in a webpage in python all i learnt how to download a image in a webpage in python…here the code is..

we need to copy the url of the image and give that in our code ..

#! usr/bin/python
import urllib2
import webbrowser
import os
# find yourself a picture on a web page you like
# (right click on the picture, look under properties and copy the address)
picture_page=”×500.jpg”# give the url of the image to download # test
# open the web page picture and read it into a variable
opener1 = urllib2.build_opener()
page1 =
my_picture =
# open file for binary write and save picture
# picture_page[-4:] extracts extension eg. .gif
# (most image file extensions have three letters, otherwise modify)
filename = “my_image” + picture_page[-4:]
print filename # test
fout = open(filename, “wb”)
# was it saved correctly?
# test it out …
# or …
# on Windows this will display the image in the default viewer

Run the file by Python


Thats it…Thanks…..:)

Author: Balaji

Hi..My name is Balaji and i am working as a Senior Software Developer in India. I am interested in Shell scripts, python, erlang , linux kernel .

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