Start Using TMUX

Hi …all ,till few days ago I used screen in remote server . Now i switched to TMUX from screen. It has so many advantages and features as compared to screen .

what is Tmux?

Tmux is a software application that multiples several virtual consoles ,that allows us to use multiple terminal session into single terminal window.


apt-get install tmux

Lets start using and play with tmux

To start new session  open terminal and type


To attach to a session

tmux attach-session -t [session name]

To split the window into panes (two terminal session in same window )

cntrl+b  %  (splits vertically)

cntrl+b ”   (splits window horizontally)

To move from one pane to another pane

cntrl +b o

To open new window

cntrl +b c

To go to next window

cntrl +b n

To go to previous window

cntrl +b p

To kill current pane or window

cntrl + b x

To close all other pane expect current

cntrl + b !

To exit from shell

cntrl + b d

To list windows

cntrl +b w

To go to particular window(lets say #)

cntrl +b #

To go to last  active window

cntrl +b l

To list all the sessions

tmux list-sessions

To rename current window

cntrl +b ,

This is how i’m using tmux in my remote server .. In single window i’m using three terminals in it . see the screen shot below..

Tmux demo

Here i’m using three terminal session in single window .

In first pane – i’m running ipython

In second pane – i’m running glances

In third pane – mysql shell

commands i used for these to achieve are:

tmux             – to start new tmux session

cntl +b %    – split vertically

cntrl +b “      -split 1st pane into by horizontally

cntrl + b o       –to switch between panes

See how useful these tool .. Start using this and play with it ..

Thanks for reading .. Please feel free to tell your suggestions ..

Happy coding .!!!!