Android Basics

Hi.. to all ..I’m going to share my Android experience with you . I’m not an expert in android. I’m just a Android Application Developer .I will try to explain all my  posts as easy  for a beginner to understand .

Before going to into the session . I want you to have  some basic knowledge in java or oops . Because in android we are going to code in java.

What is Android?

Android is a Linux based Operating System primarily designed for mobiles such as Smartphones,tablets etc.

Basic Components of Android:



Activity is the building block of UI(User Interface). Almost all of the activities interact with the user .


Intents are system messages, running around inside of devices and notifying applications such as (e.g) New message arrived ,SD inserted . etc. You can not only respond to intents you can create your own intent to launch other activities . I will explain in my upcoming posts.


Content Provider provides a level of abstraction that makes our application data accessed by multiple applications. In short, it makes our application data available to other applications . You can create your own content Provider. I will explain about this later. Android has some default Content provider class such as

(e.g) Contacts Content provider in Android

import android.provider.ContactsContract.Contacts;

by importing this you can access your contacts (Note: read ,write permissions should be given in order to use this in your application)


Activity,intents,content provider are short-lived process they can be killed at any time. But services are long lived process , running in background .

(e.g) You are playing songs in music player in your mobile . Are you still in music player to listen songs? after playing any song we came out to some other screen from player. but player continues to play songs even though we are not in that screen. This is called service in Android.

Thanks for reading ..

Author: Balaji

Hi..My name is Balaji and i am working as a Senior Software Developer in India. I am interested in Shell scripts, python, erlang , linux kernel .

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